Video Testimonials
These DVDs have been developed over years of successful work with singles and couples in my private practice.
 They support you in your sexual/spiritual development and allow you to access my powerful teachings
in the privacy of your own home.

$25 plus $6.80 Priority mail shipping within the U.S.  

1) Chakra Energy Activation a powerful practice for infusing each Chakra with the Element in nature and the color that harmonizes it. Become more grounded, centered and balanced with this simple practice.

2) Access Tantric Heart Presence a four-step process to quiet your mind, activate your body, and connect your sexual energy with your heart and consciousness to bring you into a sweet state of Heart-presence. Raise your vibration and heighten lovemaking.

3) Awaken Female Whole Body Orgasm unveils the sweet mystery of fully arousing a woman’s pleasure as well as practices for healing and awakening higher levels of ecstasy and whole body Orgasms.

4) Prolong Pleasure and Awaken Whole Body Orgasm in Men provides juicy technique instruction for women as well as proven practices for men to prolong their ecstasy and awaken to higher and deeper levels of ecstasy and pleasure.

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