I am an ordained Minister, exceptional tantric healer, and am passionate about helping individuals and couples with heart/Love expansion, erotic expression, attainment of bliss/ecstasy and spiritual development. As you can read in my testimonials, I am known for my warm, loving approach and ability to transmit the principles of Tantra to help you achieve deeper intimacy, pleasure and high ecstasy.
Many people in my care have experienced their first whole body O upon returning home. Men who have previously only lasted one to five minutes have been able to attain 30 minutes of pleasure and whole body bliss practicing at home using techniques from my highly skilled coaching. Women who previously felt numbness or pain have awakened to Multiple O’s, Amrita (female ejaculate) and Whole Body Bliss with my healing touch. Couples with a longstanding lack of intimacy, boredom or energetic numbness have grown deeply in Love, affectionately bonded and highly erotic towards
each other again.

Sessions are customized to your needs, and may include:

1.- Sacred Healing Touch:

These therapies are offered with reverence in the safe, sacred space I have created for you. Treatments may include Kundalini Awakening, Chakra Clearing and Harmonizing, Emotional Release Work, Vibrational Sound Healing, Advanced Reiki (Energy Healing), Sensory Awakening, Tantric Body De-armoring, and Yoni Healing Massage for women.

2.- Tantric Breath Practices:

Learn powerful breaths to awaken your Chakras (energy centers), raise your Kundalini (sexual/spiritual energy), connect your sexuality to your spirituality, awaken subtle energies and psychic abilities, increase your peace and meditative ability and expand your bliss/ecstasy. Learn to spread your sexual energy upwards to enable you to last for hours and savor the continual rejuvenating effects from the energy conservation. Men may learn how to prolong pleasure and ecstasy and overcome PE, ED, and weak erections.

3.- Love Coaching for Men and Woman:

Tantric practices teach you how to connect your sexuality to your heart and consciousness (spirituality). You will become a more masterful lover as you learn to be more present and connect more deeply with yourself and others. You may also learn to increase arousal, prolong lovemaking, heighten pleasure, expand your awareness of bliss/ecstasy and experience whole body multiple orgasms. Men may learn to experience stronger erections, ejaculatory control and orgasm without ejaculation. Women may learn to experience longer, richer and multiple orgasms and open to female ejaculation (amrita).

4.- Gentlemen Coaching:

Learn how to really pleasure a woman, honor her more deeply, increase her Love and unleash her desire for you. Uncover hidden erogenous zones, and open her sacred spot to expand her pleasure, love and orgasmic potential. Expand your ability to transmit greater energy and pleasure to your Beloved through your whole body. Transform ED or PE to long lasting potency and multiple Whole Body Os. My highly skilled coaching enables you to learn these techniques without either one of us practicing on each other.

5.- Erotic Embodiment for Woman:

 Release the past wounding and cultural restrictions that have left you functioning with minimal pleasure and ecstasy. Awaken your Divine Feminine Ecstatic Potential. Open to the possibilities of Multiple Whole Body Os and Amrita (female ejaculate). Expand your power in the bedroom, your ability to speak your truth, uphold your boundaries, and your ability to move forward effectively in the world. Awaken your ability to access your passionate, erotic animal nature and balance it with your nurturing, loving soft presence. Magnify your ability to draw in a higher-level partner and/or influence your current partner to treat you like a Goddess.

6.- Couple's Sacred Intimacy Enhancement:

These delightful sessions use sacred Tantric practices to awaken and harmonize sexual and spiritual energies in a Loving, respectful environment. You will feel each other's sweet presence as I relax your mind, awaken your chakras and nurture you into juicy heart and soul connection. You'll leave joined together, erotically and blissfully connected, for private ecstatic union afterwards.

Learn to:
• Communicate from your hearts to deepen intimacy and enhance your Love bond
• Connect the sex and heart chakras (energy centers) and harmonize your energies
• Honor the God/Goddess in each other, and connect to the Divinity inside
• Increase your sensuality, playfulness, joy and erotic expression
• Reach higher Ecstasy, expand your cuddle bliss, heart connection and Afterglow
• Pleasure each other in new and exciting ways with confidence and ease

7.- Hypnosis and Counseling:

Guided journeys for healing and awareness to release old patterns, wounds and habitual behaviors that keep you from being as powerful and effective in Love and Life. As an Ordained Minister, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, compassionate listener and trained erotic educator, I facilitate your deeper understanding and healing of the sexual and relationship issues in your life.

8.- Kundalini Activation:

Gentle spinal stimulation to awaken latent energies for sexual awakening and spiritual transformation.  Your Kundalini is your sexual/spiritual energy that lies dormant at the base of your spine. Once activated and coaxed upward it supports the unblocking of your chakras and the awakening of latent abilities in your body, mind and spirit.

Skype, Facetime or Phone Sessions:

 Available for Tantra Training, Coaching and Energetic Expansion. Fee is $100 per hour payable by credit card.


Individuals - $150 per hour in my healing space. Plus a travel fee if I come to you. Each session lasts 2 – 3 hours but may go longer to allow for completion.  Package Discount: a three session package, paid upfront, reduces the hourly fee to $125.

Couples - $200 per hour in my healing space or at your location, plus a travel fee if you’re more than 20 minutes away. If you are coming from a distance I can suggest a nearby Hotel. Each session lasts 3 - 5 hours but may go longer to allow for completion.  Package Discount:  a three session package, paid upfront, reduces the hourly fee to $175.

Skype or Facetime -  $100 per hour for an individual, $150 per hour for a couple, by prepaid appointment.

Sliding scale may be available for single moms or other serious students at my discretion. Please note: I do NOT offer Full Body Sensual Massage (FBSM) for men, and I do NOT engage in sexual activity.
To discuss your vision and/or to schedule a private session please call me at (561) 843-1261 
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