In my classes you will learn solid techniques that you can practice at home to increase your ability to create intimacy in relationships, as well as expand your potential for higher level orgasms (alone or with a partner). These techniques also enhance your meditation practice, expand your consciousness, and bring in profound peace and joy.

1.- Monthly Tantra Class for
Singles and Couples:

Tantra is NOT just for couples! Why wait for a partner when you can begin Now to heighten your Kundalini (energy), raise your vibration and attract more Love in your life?

We will raise our creative Shakti energy, open our chakras and expand our awareness through movement, breath and sound. You will experience an expansion of your heart and an opening to bliss/ecstasy known as the "heartspace." Following, we will play in the heartspace with eye gazing, connective experiences, non-sexual touch and dance to celebrate the divinity in all of us.

2.- How to Attract a more Conscious Partner:

Learn to raise your vibration to attract more Love in your Life. This class is ideal for those who desire to raise the vibrational level of the people who are drawn to them as well as to increase the number of quality people approaching them on a regular basis. We will utilize breath, movement, and guided imagery to raise our Kundalini Energy (sexual/spiritual energy that runs up our spines), balance and harmonize our Chakras and energetically attune ourselves to a greater ability to give and receive Love. People are naturally drawn to those they perceive as sensual, open and loving... learn to fine-tune these aspects of yourself and see how much fun it is to easily draw in the Love of your life.

3.- Gentlemen: Learn How to Really Love a Woman

In this class for men only, you will learn how to speak to the soul of a woman, honor her deeply and nurture her desire to treat you like a king. We'll explore how to touch a woman with your presence, arouse her deeply with your sensual touch, and awaken her passion with your gaze. You'll also learn techniques to open your heart and connect to her on a sweeter deeper level.
  • Discover hidden erogenous zones to pleasure her more deeply.
  • Expand your ability to transmit greater energy and pleasure through your touch, your tongue, and your love making.
  • Learn how your touch and your presence can heal her past and open her to deeper levels of passion and fulfillment.
  • Explore how to pleasure her sacred G spot to expand her bliss and her ability to have extended multiple orgasms.
  • Experience breathwork that can enable you to love longer and expand your ability to exercise ejaculatory choice.

4.- Woman: Awakening your Body Electric

In this transformational playshop, we will gather together as sister Goddesses to awaken our body's spiritual and energetic pathways, leading the way to sexual healing, personal empowerment, and spiritual awakening: 
We will
  • Harmonize and balance your sexual and spiritual chakras.
  • Understand the process of Sexual Healing and let go of shame, blame and guilt.
  • Strengthen the connection between your heart and your Yoni (Sacred Garden).
  • Embrace the multifaceted Goddess that you are.
  • Learn to Love yourself from a place of deep connection to your Divinity. 

5.- Tantric Puja Ceremony

This Sacred Ceremony will delight your senses, embrace your passion, honor your Divinity and express your sweet sensuality.

Based on Ceremonies performed frequently in California, Pujas are sweet and sexy, powerful and Life affirming. You will leave with a warm heart and the deep satisfaction of connectedness to all.

Wear beautiful yet comfortable clothes that reflect your individual style and prepare to be dazzled.

A brief after-party offering Fresh fruit and dancing will follow the ceremony.

For upcoming dates and locations, please click here.

Classes are held in Palm Beach County and are typically $25 - $69. 

Lourdes is available for private events and classes at your location. 
 Rates are $150 -$200 per hour. A travel fee applies.
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