"Being a Tantrika myself and having received many sessions, I can honestly say that my session with Lourdes was one of the very best I have ever had. Her incredible Presence, Love, and Healing gently entered me in a way that broke free years (and probably lifetimes) of memories of abuse, terror and suffering. I have been a freer, more empowered and embodied woman since this Goddess shared her essence and magic with me. Thank you eternally Lourdes!!!!"

"You bring to your sessions the soul of an angel, the touch of a goddess and the healing insight of a mystic. I wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone who seeks sensual expansion, sexual healing and a transformative experience of erotic ecstasy. Your gift is wholehearted and generous, and you're a great credit to the profession!" 

"Lourdes in one word is... Magical. Being in her soothing, calm, grounded yet expansive sensual energy is like floating in warm water to another world. She is extremely knowledgable and professional yet very intimate and personal. As a survivor of sexual abuse, I have had a hard time being present in my body and experiencing sex as love, even with a most loving and honoring partner. At 27 years old I am just finally opening to my sexual, feminine energy, as I have often felt scared, numb, disconnected, blocked and unfulfilled in my intimate explorations. I learned a lot from Lourdes' DVD and wanted to go deeper with her in person. In our couples' session I felt really safe, heard and held-- gently encouraged to open and connect to my body, feelings, and my partner in a gentle, yet powerful way. She intuitively guided me to release and heal past wounding and be more present in my body and more open to pleasure and intimacy. After the session I felt relaxed and relieved, really in touch with myself, my body, and my partner and I felt a sense of empowerment, joy and freedom. Since returning home both my partner and I are more present, heart-connected, expressive, fluid, and experiencing deeper intimacy and higher levels of pleasure and ecstasy. I can't wait to continue practicing and blossoming and will do more sessions with Lourdes whenever possible!"

"The moment I spoke with Lourdes, I felt heard. I came to her because of medical trauma and experiences that caused me to be "closed down" sexually. I worked with Lourdes over Skype and in person. I can't even begin to describe how much shifted while working with her. Before meeting Lourdes, I felt fearful and "dirty" when thinking about sexuality. Her compassion, knowledge, and nonjudgemental presence shifted everything for me. She is patient, positive, intuitive, and understanding. Because Lourdes is in touch with her intuition, I felt like she knew exactly what I needed throughout the sessions. She met me exactly where I was and my husband even noticed a total difference in my sexual energy. I can't thank her enough, for what she's done for me. If you have the opportunity to work with Lourdes, don't wait another second. There was a reason I was guided to her and I'm so glad I trusted it."

"It was a pleasure to work with you. I needed an experience like this. For sure, something changed. Its like I have a new tool to use; I feel like I can expand the way I see and feel people, colors, and sounds. Also, I feel more vitality, not more energy per se, but fresh vitality. I used to have pain in my lower back and now its gone. My back gets tired but the knot is not there. As I write this I think I can still feel (or remember) your powerful healing energy. My wife is now interested and we are going to watch your DVD together. I want to practice this, I don't want to lose it. I think I can expand this and do much more. Its like the beginning of a whole new level of experience."

"I believe with the gentlest of gestures, there is a powerful healing energy that can help restore a broken body, spirit and heart to wholeness. Lourdes has come into my life at the right time and has shown me that it is possible to heal. I am beyond blessed to have Lourdes as my guide and healer through my many personal challenges. Lourdes' therapy has begun to heal me emotionally, spiritually, and physically. With a past of deep child abuse and the urge to learn more about myself and be in tune sexually, I found her website. I never thought it would be possible to get the help necessary let alone have anyone truly care and be there wholeheartedly. Lourdes is such a compassionate and understanding being. Her welcoming energy invites you to be open and comfortable. After a hypnosis session I was able to open up and let go and begin to heal. During the various sessions I've had with Lourdes she has reminded me that I'm not alone and Angels do exist. Being in her presence is an honor and I thank God that she was put in my path. Having the ability to heal is a very rare and special gift and I believe Lourdes inherited this gift because of her love for all living beings and her dedication to promote peace and well-being. It is more than her life’s work, it is her purpose in life. I look forward to continue to heal with Lourdes and finally find peace within myself." 

"Lourdes, you are amazing! The energy boost I got through your sessions is astonishing. I feel more energetic, sensual and attractive not to mention the increased sexual energy. My love life with my wife got revamped and we are experiencing new levels of passion and ecstasy! Thank you!!" 

"After going through a very bad breakup I was completely shut down emotionally and sexually. After my session with Lourdes, I have felt myself open up to love again and am much more confidant as a woman and in my sexuality. She is loving and completely connected in the moment with you. I highly recommend having a session with her, you won't be disappointed." 

"As a young newly married couple, my husband and I came to Lourdes on a wish and a prayer and a strong recommendation. My husband, being quite the skeptic promised to do anything he could at this point to save our quickly dying marriage. We opted to do a private session with Lourdes so we could really focus on our connection and get into the details, and wow did it help. We left Lourdes a new couple. We are so in love, and forgiving and patient with each other. My husband did a hypnosis session to help him release shame and guilt around sex from his childhood, which he was hesitant to do, but truly immersed himself in. He felt the effects almost immediately and grew stronger over the next 2 days. When I returned to our session after his hypnosis, he appeared different to me, he was confident, unburdened, happy and peaceful. We then participated in many energy building exercises, forgiveness exercises and a myriad of other activities that helped us really see each other's hearts. We left with many tools to help us further our learning and connection and look forward to going back in February for a weekend retreat. My husband went in a total non-believer and left bragging about how spiritual and beautiful sex can be and reminds me when we need to realign our energies or chakras. Go in with an open heart and let Lourdes and her love and energy help heal your marriage. My only regret is we spent almost a year unhappy before finding her. I am recommending her like crazy to every friend I have in a relationship, even the healthiest relationship can benefit from time with her, she helps you see your partner's heart and soul.
Thank you Lourdes, we love you"

"Thank you Lourdes for serving my highest and greatest good. I've spent thousands of dollars on alternative therapies and pain injections to relieve the pain in my right hip. A couple of healers told me it was likely related to shame and guilt but no one was able to do anything about it. Yesterday during your Regression Energy Healing session I felt the biggest release I've ever had in that area. Today was the first day I freely played in the ocean and pool in 7 years. The pain in my hip has gone down from a 10 (highest possible) to a 2. Many, many, many Blessings to you!"

"Lourdes is really calm and has very positive energy towards her clients. It's clear she has really strong, pure intentions to help with any troubles between partners. She led us through powerful breathwork and forgiveness exercises that really helped resolve issues that had been holding us back. I also learned some things that I had no idea I needed to do before making love to truly warm up and arouse my lover. I now feel more confident, calmer and more present every time my partner and I make love.

"You are truly a magical woman and I want to express my gratitude for your work last night. It was certainly a boost for my ongoing transformation. The week I've had from that night and onwards to this day has been remarkable." 

"Wow!! Thanks Lourdes. I have received tantra all over the world during the past decade. You have taken the experience to an entirely new level. It was uniquely expansive, cosmic and educational. I was left with a real sense of calm and peaceful bliss." 

"It was truly a pleasure spending time the other day. I walked away feeling full and excited to explore with my wife again. I feel quite different in my approach, my understanding of her, as well as my appreciation to share in moments of pleasure. Thank you for your help. I'm grateful that we took another step towards creating a safe, sensual, and intimate space for us both."

"Thank you for an incredible experience that kept lingering ..... You are the real deal, which in today's world is hard to find. Keep spreading the beauty and ecstasy of the Tantric Journey."

"Lourdes quisiera tener la oportunidad para agradecerte sinceramente por los seminarios de energia de Tantra que mi esposa a podido participar. Gracias a tus clases e podido apreciar una transformacion sexual, sensual, erotica que nos a llevado, y que ha despertado una curiosidad de amor a un mas intima de lo que antes conociamos. Gracias, un million de gracias por que el Tantra a rejuvenecido nuestra relación."

"You were amazing... we felt wonderfully cared for and supported. My wife's fear and withdrawal turned to blissful relaxation and openness, and we shared a sweetness and connection that we haven't known for a long time. You're a treasure... we're very grateful!" 

"We've really enjoyed our sessions! They've been enlightening for us, and our relationship has been elevated to new heights! It has permeated all areas of our lives, not just (but especially) our intimacy. We love how our senses have become more intense, and it all continues to grow and flourish. Hugs and much gratitude for your work, we look forward to continuing our exploration with you!" 

"Our vision was to bring healing to something that had caused walls to be built between us. We wanted to feel close again. You reawakened our feelings of connection and appreciation for each other, and I feel more "here" and hopeful now. I know we have more healing to do, but you helped us light a flame in a darkened room. We want to see you again when we return to Florida. Thank you from my heart!" 

"We've been doing wonderful (our "after party" was GREAT!). We're fortunate: After five years together, we're still very sexual. But we felt that something was missing... now we're more sensual, too! We're loving feeling the energy, and we're more aligned and connected. You've opened exciting new possibilities for us." 

"You took the time to really get to know where I was, and what I wanted to accomplish... and the hypnotherapy session proved to be exactly what I needed. In your Kundalini activation in the second session, I could actually feel the energy going up my spine! In every interaction, you've been loving, nurturing and respectful. I feel a greater sense of well being and personal energy, and our work has been a perfect complement to the other spiritual aspects of my life. I wholeheartedly recommend you!" 

"The energy is flowing unobstructed throughout my body, and my potency has improved. I feel like I have attained a new, higher level of clarity in my daily life. I'm a tennis pro, and since that experience, the game almost appears to be going in slow motion. The result is that I am "more conscious," both on the court and off. And, as we worked through energy issues, the pain and stiffness in my joints (knees and elbows) — which I had accepted as normal arthritis for my age — completely disappeared! Thank you... You're my Cosmic Healer!” 

"Lourdes created an amazingly safe place to open up and share freely. Through breath work, visualization, sharing, hypnosis, and touch I was able to source my fear and shame and create awareness of how it limits me. I feel more present in my body and positive in the choices I make.” 


"My work is evolving quickly and I have your Ecstatic Dakini Practitioner Training to thank for that! Your willingness to offer honest and heartfelt assistance is paramount to my growth and evolution. I’m so grateful for your participation in my own personal awakening to the fierce and divine gifts that reside within this temple body." 

"I Woke up today on fire with passionate inspiration about conscious sexuality. I'm just blown away by the depth of this path that so few understand. Thank you dear woman for walking ahead and holding the space! I'm so excited to learn more, to dive deeper, to let go of the fear and shame. It's So my soul calling in this life."


"Omg....awesome. So many wonderful incredible moments of clarity, cleansing, and pure bliss. And now I love Tantra. Lourdes, you have created such a safe, loving and kind environment for true healing and opening hearts up. You are bringing sexy back.  With much love..."

"Wow oh wow oh wow!!!!! We had an amazing time in your Couples' Class but that doesn't compare to the beautiful lovemaking session we had that night. I burst into sobs when I orgasmed. I have never felt so close to my beloved and I truly thank you for providing space for his heart to open to me so completely!" 

"Not long ago I wanted to let my boyfriend know that I appreciated all of his support while I went through a particularly stressful period. I chose to honor him with a rose petal ceremony similar to what we did in your Valentine's class. Thank you for providing the space and guidance that facilitated us getting together and for teaching me tools to keep our relationship alive and loving. We are so happy together and I am continually amazed at how great it can be when two people are open and communicative and truly want the best for each other. Realizing what we have brings tears to my eyes."

"Thank you Lourdes for a great event! Thank you also to the individuals that co-created such an open and loving space! I experienced wonderful openings and shifts thanks to all of you!"

"You brought your loving playful style to the class. My partner and I took the opportunity to focus on each other and dive into the processes which allowed us to connect deeply and drop into that heart-connected place we share. We appreciate the work you've put into this playshop and the chance to 'get intimate'. A very nice place to be with my sweetie for Valentines day" 

"We had a great time at the workshop! Thank you for blessing us in your sacred space with a sacred community that allowed us to reconnect to each other, and allowed me to remember to subtract from the nonessential in order to reveal a most pure way of being. Namaste!” 

"Lourdes I want to express my sincere appreciation for your tantra classes and seminars my wife has been able to partake in. Due to your classes I have witnessed her overall sexuality, sensuality and womanhood blossom like never before. I personally thank you so much for such well thought out seminars."

"Powerful goddess energy! Lourdes serves as an excellent guide and healer, creating the safe and sacred space for us to come into our mysterious divine power as wise women. This was such an informative, educational, wonderful and playful workshop!" 

“My gratitude for Lourdes is without limit. Had I but one word for her it would be 'real'. Her beauty goes beyond inner; it is core. A group is a reflection of its leader's energy. That it is so pure speaks well as to her relation to the source: Love. Lourdes is the genuine article.

"Incredible energy, awesome group of people and beautiful music. What's not to love about that?” 

 "Lourdes' Sacred Tantra is transformative, healing and just what we need now! ”

"Thank you for a great workshop! Full of love, peace, and acceptance!" 

"An enlightening, uplifting workshop with Lourdes and her beautiful goddess energy. We are truly blessed to have these Tantra teachings shared so lovingly and expertly in such a safe, supportive environment."

"Wow! I felt so much love last night!” 

"The participants were all enjoyable and the energy was very good! Lourdes explained as needed for new folks, yet it was also a worthwhile event for those with more experience at Tantra.  Magic happened. :)"

Excellent, enlightening, comfortable, highly recommend”

"Very enlightening program taught by a very kind and masterful Goddess"

"This was just what I was looking for at this step in my personal journey, in a very supportive and loving environment. You do a masterful job of leading the group, and integrating all of the participants, regardless of our experience level. We ended the session with dance, and it was the perfect way to liberate and share the energy flow. I look forward to attending more!" 

"It was awesome!!!!!” 

"You're a "10 Star!" You're so very spiritual, loving, caring and want each person to grow through this very life-enriching opportunity. I plan to attend sessions regularly! A Big Thank You!" 

"Warm wonderful and inviting!!! I definitely recommend to anyone to give it a try... I can't wait for the next session!” 

"Thank you for creating such a beautiful sacred space for us to be in our hearts and to express ourselves. I enjoyed being in bliss and connecting with everyone.” 

"We loved your workshop. You built the energy of the group at a very comfortable pace. We left with big smiles... We'll be back!” 
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