Couples’ Retreat

Couples’ Ecstatic Valentines Weekend 

In this Perfect Romantic Couples' Retreat, you'll experience deeply profound connection to your Beloved. Seasoned couples will return to the sweetness, passion and natural high of your initial connection. New couples will deepen your connection, raise your ecstasy and strengthen your future together. Same-gender couples are welcomed!

February 10-11, 2018
Saturday 11 am -7 pm, Sunday 10 am - 6 pm

Ambiance Dance Studio
1023 N Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

$500 per couple, $400 for previous participants
(Meals and Lodging are not included)

This class is experiential and all practices will be in cozy connection between you and your partner (no switching partners)
  There will be no nudity or explicit sexuality in this class, yet you'll go home ready for a night of sweet private, 
Beyond the Beyond, Ecstasy.

* Awaken to Extra-ordinary sensory awareness.

* Learn classic Tantra techniques and postures to raise the bar on your Lovemaking.

* Invigorate your passion, pleasure and desire for each other. 

* Drop your walls and heart protection and open to sharing profound harmony and bliss.

* Learn to ride ecstatic waves into whole body multiple O's for both partners.

* Experience Tantric Presence, a Divine "High" that far outshines the experience of any drug or champagne.

* Practice tools and techniques to overcome the blocks and walls that naturally build over time.

* Establish sweeter emotional intimacy through heart to heart dialogue and Compassionate Communication.

* Connect energetically using breath and visualization to increase the power of your magnetic attraction, your passion and your pleasure.

* Experience your partner as the God/Goddess they really are and Learn to connect to the Divine through the heart of your Beloved.

* Unlock the mysteries of the female erectile network, her fascinating Vulva and all of its intricacies beyond the commonly known pleasure spots.

* Gentlemen, learn solid techniques to master ejaculatory choice.

* Learn how to give your female partner a Tantric Yoni massage which you will practice in privacy on Saturday night.

* Learn how to give your male partner a Tantric Lingam massage which you will practice in privacy on Sunday night. 

* Share chocolate and fruit together in a beautifully reverent, yet sensually erotic ceremony of giving and receiving.

Great event for novices and experienced Tantrikas alike. 
Healers, spiritual seekers and newbies to the realm of energy will all benefit from the beauty of this weekend retreat.

Because of the Romantic nature of this event we only have room for 16 couples.

This twice yearly event has sold out five years in a row so I imagine it will again.
I will send you a preparation email the week before the workshop.

Payable through Paypal using this link:
Or this one if you've taken my one day Couples Retreat before:

Call Lourdes with any questions. 561-843-1261.

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