Special Events / Ceremonies

Special events and Ceremonies: 

1.- Wedding Ceremony / Community Gathering::

You create your own vows or I co-create them with you. Be as creative and non-conventional as you desire. Your Divine partnership is honored in a special connection ceremony that inspires you to love from your hearts and to honor your emotional and physical intimacy. Included is an honoring of your community while asking for energetic commitment to uplift and support the sacredness of your marital union.

2.- Bridal Blessingway Ceremony::

Sacred Ceremony which can be used in place of, or in addition to, the Bridal Shower. Bring the bride’s favorite women together to honor her by placing flowers in her hair, washing her feet in lavender water and showering her with authentic words of love, empowerment, support and wishes for her sacred journey into matrimony. Includes foundational training in Tantra and sacred sexuality and elements from the Venus Party below.

3.- Venus Party:

Playful and sensual gathering of women to honor and expand their Divine Inner Goddess and female ecstasy. Co-created with you to include elements such as Tantric Breath practices, training on increasing their orgasmic pleasure, techniques for becoming a better lover, for themselves and their partners, exploration of sensual exotic dance, and how to heighten the enjoyment of their own sexuality.

4.-Men’s Masterful Lover Training:

Corporate or private event for men to learn how to increase their own pleasure and orgasmic ecstasy as well as how to increase the libido and orgasmic potential of their wife or lover. Training on tantric breath practices, skills for increasing a woman’s arousal, g-spot awakening, and orgasmic ability. Includes Taoist techniques to prolong lovemaking and delay ejaculation while experiencing multiple orgasms.

5.- Private Tantra Playshop for Couples and their Friends:

In this sensual romantic playshop couples will experience deeply profound connection to their Beloved and return to the sweetness, passion and natural high of their initial connection. Includes magical breath practices, energy enhancement techniques, heart opening exercises, sacred rituals for deeper intimacy, and empathic communication for melting conflict. Couples will uncover the mysteries of the female erectile network and explore how to cultivate whole body O’s for both partners. This playshop is not intended to include any explicit sexuality or swapping of partners.

Lourdes is available for special events and ceremonies at your location. 
 Rates are $150 -$200 per hour. A travel fee applies.
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